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White Juche – The New Progressive NazBol Socialism – BANNED BY 1984

published on January 11 2018

White Juche – The New Progressive Socialism – This video is blocked by capitalist 1984 Fascists and their comrades! SPREAD THE MESSAGE, DOWNLOAD IT. NOW OR NEVER. They think they can destroy a great idea that way.

White Juche is National Self-salvation and Progress – Down with the globalist 1984 Fash and the evil Trotskyite lizard !
National Bolshevism is revolutionary Nationalism and progressive Socialism combined. National Bolshevism is not Fascism or right-wing. It is the will to act according to Nietzsche, the goal of national and working-class self-salvation according to Marx and Hegel, it is the triumph over Christian thought according to Feuerbach, Pantheism and pro-evolutionary geneticist science free of politically correct dogmatism. It is a combination of leftist science and the insight that White-aryan Man was created through genetic engineering as equal Workers by the Anunnaki according to Zecharia Sitchin and it agrees with Darwin’s survival of the fittest, including the fittest minds and fittest intelligence. It respects Asian culture and traditionalism and is not against Asian sovereignty as long as there is friendship between White and Yellow progress and eugenics so that historical mongrelization won’t go any further as it is today.

National Bolshevism is the will to create a white socialist Europe and West according to Strasser and Wagner and prewar european and US progressives and it is friends with the asian socialist front consisting of Juche thought and Chinese thought. National Bolshevism desires the Nationalization and control of the means of production and finance by the government excluding free enterprise, plutocracy or private initiative by industrials. National Bolshevism is national progress and self-salvation freeing the Nation and the Worker from the degeneration of neo Liberalism, rampant right-wing neo-Nazism, conservatism and cosmopolitical forms of Leftism or phony-left multiculturalism as well as globalist and reptiloid 1984 Fascism. National Bolshevism is the Socialization of Nationalism, removing it from its bourgeois or mussolinist foundation, and the Nationalization of Socialism, removing it from trotsky-internationalist or cosmopolitical theories. The progressive unification of the people in the Greater Socialist State on the basis of the people’s right to self-determination.

Basically, National Bolshevism creates a New Man and New World.

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