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published on January 4 2018

The New World Order (Internationalists, Zionists) plan has three stages:
Stage 1. They buy up our governments, academia and media and then they create wars in the middle east. Either by invasion (Afghanistan, Iraq) or by funding private armies (Lebanon, Syria). This stage has already happened.
Stage 2. They bring in millions of migrants and they justify this by calling them ‘refugees’, when in fact no refugee travels through 10 countries to reach safe harbour. A real refugee flees his country and goes to the closest peaceful country. And real refugees are mainly women children and old men. While the ones coming in Europe are 80% young healthy unskilled men who just look for welfare in a rich country.
The elites use the influence of the media/politicians/academia to show that the majority wants the ‘refugees’ when in fact only a tiny minority that benefits (like single old women) wants them.
Stage 3. Keeping the ‘refugees’ in. Violence and crime will rise in the cities until people react and civil war breaks out. It will be accompanied by economic crisis and it will last for a couple of years until people are desperate. Then, the elites will present us the solution, a New World Order authoritarian regime that will save us. And people will be so desperate for security that they will accept it.

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